We provide all kinds of laundry services that you need in your daily routine. Trust us we will take good care of your dress and will provide you service that you actually expect from us. Online services are definitely hard to trust but you can try it for once we are sure you will like our service. We have a good record of completing each project on time with full professional work to satisfy our customers. Togs India has come up with the idea of treating your clothes in our factory with a full homely feel. Our team of professionals make sure that there should be no fault in our work. We have good quality machinery that will maintain the shine of your branded clothes. We also use a good quality detergent which is always used after testing so that it should not harm your clothes.

We have different services for your clothes. We provide cloth washing to dry cleaning. You can use any of them. Let us discuss each service of ours so that it will help you to make your decision easy.



Ironing means keeping all the wrinkles out and maintaining the dress like a fresh new dress. The cloth ironing service of Togs India is not so common. The iron used in our organization is not that normal iron we use at home. They are designed specifically for ironing different clothes. The machine used in ironing is always taken care of and checked every time gap so that there is no issue in the iron. We have a specialized team who take care of this department and iron all clothes very carefully. We have different iron for different clothes and we keep ironed dresses in a separate area so that they do not get mixed with other dresses. We have a specified division in our iron team and each is assigned with different material of cloth so that it can maintain your dress.


Clothes Washing service is the very first service or you can say the base of laundry. You will always wash a cloth before iron or doing any other task. We have a specialized team which is fully professional in washing all kinds of clothes. They take good care of each other. Every cloth is washed individually according to its type of material. You will find your clothes look like a brand new dress after our wash. Washing from a normal detergent spoils the shine and stains also remain; they do not ocean them properly. But togs india takes care of each and every specification of your dress. We wash cloth and keep it shiny and remove all spots on it.

Steam Cleaning
Folding Ironed Clothes


Laundry has become a big headache in today's busy life. So we Togs India have decided to remove this problem of yours from the core. We take care of each kind of laundry service in Jaipur. We provide different services on the demand of our customers. The main idea of Togs India is to help you with your laundry and provide you a homely service that you can try and then trust. You will find us very helpful and our services are very specific and will provide you exactly what you expect from us.


Want to look always up to date? But I don't have enough time to spend on laundry. Do no worry the solution is here on your phone. You just need to connect with us and we will take care of your personality. A dress is a cover of our personality and if the cover is good people will definitely read the book. If your dress will look perfectly fine all the time you will not feel demotivated. We are the best online dry cleaning to take care of your dress. Give your dress a good care and keep them shiny and perfect with our dry cleaning service.

Steam Cleaning


No one like no one has ever imagined that they can get a laundry of their shoes but yes Togs India is here with the best shoe laundry in jaipur. We keep your shoes always tip top and always brand new. Our shoe laundry service is also as trustworthy as other services. You can try each of our services without any second thought in your mind.